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Thanksgiving! – ConQuest 2022

Dear ConQuest 2022 survivors,
We won! VICTORY!!!
Beloved enemies lie in the dust, the lairdoms are broken… but is this truly the end of undeath?! What was that vision at the end?
It was the first ConQuest after the big annoying break… and oh boy!
You have achieved and achieved so much!
But what consequences will this have for INGAME? What are we facing?
The story continues with you…!
Thank you to each and everyone of you who helped out! Whether it was playmaking and managing, being an NPC, playing the guitar, serving food or building and living in this world!
After all, we all did it together – participants, orga and team, hand in hand: we created a living, breathing world! The world of Mythodea!
We hope you have been able to experience many game offers and scenes together. Tell us about it!
It was a blast! If you have feedback, especially critical and/or important, we ask you to enter it in this form so that we have everything in one place and can keep track – and then take it into account in the best possible way! That helps us a lot!
But we’d love to hear your most beautiful experiences directly in the comments! Let’s reminisce together!
What were your greatest scenes?
Best regards and come home safe and sound!
Your Live Adventure team
PS: As always, we strongly recommend, if possible, a stay in the bathtub with cool or hot drinks – depending to your taste!!

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