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The Event

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Welcome to Sturmwacht Castle! Immerse yourself in courtly drama, knightly action and the awesome atmosphere of a real castle. Discover the secrets of the mysterious fortress perched on the edge of the fog on Ghost Rock. Meet eerily beautiful fairies and engage in skirmishes with the henchmen of the Dark Alliance, such as Undead and Skargen, and dance medieval dances in a festive hall until the early hours of the morning during the ball at the Night of Fortune. And of course, also play on the drama of the knightly faction Atteron, and interact with the entire court, from maid to royal family.

Like most of our events, “Sturmwacht: A Winternight’s Dream” is set in the fictional medieval fantasy world of Mythodea, where an eons-old conflict between dark and light factions rages. At this event, the focus is on ambience and puzzles; the fighting is limited to small skirmishes, not large-scale battles.

The main language of the event is German. However, we will provide out- and ingame information in text form on site in two languages (German and English), and we will also ensure that speeches and announcements are translated simultaneously wherever possible. We are happy to welcome volunteer translators from the player community!

Setting 2025

The honorable Sturmwacht Castle shines in a very special splendor this year, because in addition to the usual tradition of the Night of Fortune, it is the backdrop for another very extraordinary festivity: the Winternight Wedding. According to an ancient Atteronian custom, several marriages are celebrated here at the same time and guests are also invited to say “I do” – if they write a letter to the Queen about it first. 

The festivities are accompanied by a balanced program: guests can compete in knightly disciplines, join the princes on the traditional hunt, enjoy art, games and dance – or delve deeper into the secrets of the castle, the mysterious fairy kingdom and the history of the royal family. 

Of course, the festivities do not go as planned: Henchmen from the Dark Alliance, such as Undead and Skargen want to infiltrate the wedding for reasons as yet unknown, and to make matters worse, envoys from the fairy realm turn up at court once again. Is it the call of the Winternight Wedding that lures them out of their realm, or is it the rumors surrounding the long-awaited 16th birthday of Prince Liam, Queen Rubinia’s grandson? It seems that the fate of Sturmwacht Castle once again lies not only in the hands of Atteron, but even more so in those of their Mitrasperan guests!

Event info

Info about the event

“Sturmwacht: A Winternight’s Dream” is a four-day live role-playing game with accommodation in beds and full board, and takes place in a real castle!

Thursday, 20.02.2025 to Sunday, 23.02.2025.

Schloss Altenhausen, Schloßstraße 16, 39343 Altenhausen


Tickets and prizes

299 € – Player Youth Hostel

409 € – Player Hotel

   89 € NPC Atteron

Buy tickets here!


Early arrival

There is no early arrival at the Sturmwacht event.

Early arrival is possible for NPCs if they would like to help us set up. This must be clarified at We cannot guarantee catering for people who arrive early.

Regular arrival

Regular arrival takes place on Thursday from 12:00 to 19:30.

Vehicles can be driven to the inner courtyard for unloading. Please do not drive on green areas! Please make sure you unload quickly, as there is only limited space available. Parking spaces will be allocated on site.



Depending on the ticket, accommodation will either be in a shared room in the castle youth hostel or in a castle hotel room.

Shared room size ranges from 3-8 beds. Hotel rooms have two beds each (please note when signing up in the Viertelmanager that some are double beds that can’t be seperated).

In the Viertelmanager, which you can find in your skald account, tickets can be assigned to individual rooms before the event, so if you want to sleep in a room with friends, register as soon as possible! Rooms cannot be purchased as a whole.

Toilets and showers are either located in the respective rooms and/or at selected locations on the grounds.


NPCs sleep in group dormitories in the castle or in the nearby common house.

Toilets and showers are located in selected shower rooms, which are also occupied by NPCs, or in the common house.


The catering is ambience-appropriate and includes a hearty breakfast, lunch (snack + soup or similar) and a balanced dinner. There will be plenty of vegetarian and vegan options available.

In the evening, meals will be served in two shifts to avoid long waiting times. The groups will be distinguished by colored wristbands, the order of the groups will be changed daily.


“Sturmwacht: A Winternight’s Dream” is an 18+ event and its content is aimed at adults. The participation of younger persons is only permitted in exceptional cases after consultation with the organizer.


Pets of any kind are initially not permitted on the castle grounds.

Exceptions, e.g. for guide or assistance dogs, must be agreed in advance with the organizers.

Please note: There is a possibility that live birds (falcons, owls) and horses may be present during the event. These are always accompanied by their owners and should only be touched by prior arrangement.

Playable factions


Mitrasperan Settlers

Other travelers




Crimson Sails Company

other Sarkan factions



Undead Flesh


While both Skargen and Undead Flesh will be present at the event, our NPCs will only consist of Atteronians who will occasionally switch between roles for certain scenes and battles. These alternate roles are mainly Skargen and Undead, but can also be monsters, ghosts or other jumper roles that we need to fill. This means that each participating NPC should have at least one Atteron character/outfit. Additional outfits are welcome!
This is to ensure that no one has to sit out in the cold for too long, but can instead enrich the immersive world within the castle walls. Basically, you will play 70-80% Atteron, and the remaining 20-30% alternative roles.

If you wish to participate as a Skarge or Undead only, or as another player-friendly NPC (e.g. Crimson Sails Company), please contact us in advance!


The game is played according to the DKWDDK (You Can Do Whatever You Can Portray) principle, based on the rules published in 2022.

You can find them HERE.

Join Atteron!

Atteron is an intricately designed player-friendly NPC faction with a rich and deep background and many connections between the individual characters. This creates a unique immersion and also the thing we love so much about Atteron: the drama 😉

As Atteronians, you not only play the courtly life and thus provide an appropriate ambience for the players, you also provide them with game offers and plots through your individual stories, dramas and secrets.

How do you become part of Atteron?

  • You absolutely need Facebook access. This is where we communicate and exchange pictures, links and ideas
  • Contact the Atteron VBs at and build your character together
  • Follow the style and play guide for your garb and your game for an all-round authentic Atteron experience