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Welcome to the Grand LARP Dance Ball at Bückeburg Castle!

The high doors of the ballroom open to a dazzling sea of lights from candles and sparkling chandeliers. Music floats above the murmur and laughter of those present. On the dance floor, dresses, gowns, cloaks and tunics in all the colors of the elements sway to the rhythm of the music. This night belongs to royalty and commoners alike. This night belongs to Mitraspera, your beloved home.

This night belongs to you.  

Immerse yourself in an evening of pomp and elegance when the majestic Bückeburg Castle opens its doors on November 9, 2024.

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300 Teilnehmer


Atemberaubende Kulisse


Majestätisches Schloss


Pompöser Tanzball

The Experience

This is the event to wear your most beautiful garb! In cooperation with Zackenberg e.V., we invite you to a dreamlike event in a real castle. Stroll through the garden and the halls of the castle, enjoy the filling snack buffet (details will follow!), participate in medieval dances and cultivate friendships, trade relations or alliances with other Mitrasperans. Meanwhile, our photographers will make sure that this evening will be truly unforgettable.

The experience begins at 2 pm in the castle gardens, which provide a wonderful backdrop for strolling, conversations and pictures as desired.We can then enter the castle and the ballroom from 5 pm.
A snack buffet will be provided for our physical well-being – or optionally an exclusive 3-course menu for an additional charge.
The night ends at around 3 am.

Why just one evening without an overnight stay?
We just couldn’t resist! The hall of Bückeburg Castle is so beautiful that we had to take advantage of this unique location. Even if it’s only for one night, we hope you’ll be as enchanted by the splendor of the castle as we were!

What is the ingame context of the event?
With this event, the Mitrasperans want to start a new tradition in the name of their beloved continent. Dancing, celebrating, getting together – it has its own magic and energy, which should not only strengthen the country but also all those present for the coming winter months.

What do we need to bring?
Dance-proof shoes, warm clothes for walking in the garden, pocket money for drinks on site – and LED candles for the Dance of the Flames, which is the centerpiece of the event, where all guests will walk through the ballroom with their candles to the rhythm of the music!


On 9.11.2024

2 pm in the garden
5 pm in the castle

End: 3 am

Schloss Bückeburg
Schloßpl. 1, 31675 Bückeburg


Glanz Ticket: Admission and filling snack buffet (more details soon)
Prunk Ticket: Admission and exclusive three-course menu

Tickets available at
Drinks are not included in the ticket price.

Glanzticket Batch 1 129,00€
Glanzticket Batch 2 145,00€
Prunkticket 200,00€
NPC Ticket 89,00€ (will follow shortly)

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