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Die Elemente - Kurzübersicht für Einsteiger

The Elements - 10 Bulletpoints

What’s the deal with the elements on Mitraspera?

Here’s a shortest beginners guide you can find! This should give you enough basic knowledge to give you a good start into the game. You can discover much more on this topic at our events!

  1. The five elements (fire, earth, water, air, and magic) created Mitraspera, the fabled land beyond the mists, and the first life on it. Today, these five elements are revered on the continent of Mitraspera.
  2. Air is also called Aeris. It stands for change, but also for restlessness.
  3. Fire is also called Ignis. It stands for destruction, but also for purification.
  4. Water is also called Aqua. It stands for curiosity, but also for healing.
  5. Earth is also called Terra. It stands for birth and for death.
  6. Magic is also called Magica. It stands for order and chaos.
  7. Under the leadership of the so-called Primordial Doubters (Zweifler), perverted “versions” of the original elements were created, called ostrasized (verfemte) elements or outcasts. The Mitrasperans fear Black Ice instead of Fire; Absolute Void instead of Air; Oily Pestilence instead of Water; Undead Flesh instead of Earth; and the Technical Ratio instead of Magic.
  8. These ostracized elements were locked up under seals on the continent of Mitraspera. They were gradually released. The original enemies of the elements and their teachings are the armies of the outcasts/ostrasized.
  9. There are elemental peoples, also called elemental servants. These each embody strong characteristics of an element.
  10. It has already happened that avatars walked on Mitraspera as personification of the elements themselves.