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Tribe Factions

On this page you will learn more about the Mitrasperan Tribes, the important indigenous peoples of Mitraspera. Tribes are a special kind of playmaker, helping to drive the story forward and offering players exciting gameplay around the core of Mitrasperan history.
Are you ready to experience great scenes with us, create great moments for players and even die touching heroic deaths?
Let’s go for it!

What exactly was a playmaker again??

Playmakers are exactly what the name suggests: it is their job is to “make” or “push” the game along. They are NPCs who act as guided player characters, as they dedicate their entire game to the goal of the plot and the event. How they do this in detail is up to them. Playmakers transport plots, quests and atmosphere. They are the supporting roles to the players, or sometimes the enemy factions, whom you can hate with fervor. They are the damsel in distress, or the great sorceress from whom one can learn. You are a mentor or servant, a failed knight, or a queen who makes the right – or exactly the wrong – decision, depending on what the deepest, best, most dramatic, or most exciting experience brings out in the participants. Outside of the game, they always know the goal of the event and help the players along the way. If possible, they play in a way that automatically pulls participants along and provide what is needed for other players to find their way into the game. They also experience deep emotional moments with the participants within the game, which makes their task particularly fulfilling and exciting. Both playmaker himself, as well as for everyone around him. They invisibly direct the action and ensure maximum immersion, i.e. the setting in which the participants’ game takes place.

How do I participate?

Here you will get a short insight into the tribes, if you are interested please contact the respective contact persons (VBs), who will teach you how to play as part of a tribe and give you the clothing guidelines.
The VBs, and thus the Tribes, are in close contact with the Mythodea plotdirection, who is responsible for the game framework and the mandatory game impulses for the Tribes.

As Tribe playmakers you can also become part of the official Facebook group Tribes and Factions of Mythodea.
Here you will be updated on all important news and happenings of the active Tribes of Mythodeas!


The Tribes of Mitraspera

The Edalphi

The Edalphi are a Tribe of magic. To the “beautiful people” their task and their community means everything, possessions and money are foreign to them.

Edalphi can be recognized by their green and gold clothing, which roughly follows the Indian style, two golden “spheres” on their temples and lots of gold jewelry.

Information and contact to the Edalphi is possible via mail!


Children of the Wind – Naldar

The Naldar – The last of the great peoples of the air to walk on Mitraspera, an elemental people with a long and varied past.

Aeris’ children are known for their boldness, their drive, but also for their joy in competition. They are closely connected to their home Mitraspera and live in a matriarchy. Lightness and speed determine their character.

The Naldar offer an open, well-rehearsed community with a dense folk background and an introduction to the history of the continent of Mitraspera.

Especially for newcomers to LARP and Mythodea, the people offer the possibility to dive into the events quickly through a strong connection to the plot and the lively contacts to the players.

Imagine the Naldar like an oriental nomadic people. You can get more information by contacting We are looking forward to you!



Guardians of the Cycle – Narech Tuloch

The three paths of the Narech Tuloch together form the first people of Terra. Each Narech Tuloch is an individual with his own will and opinion, but also has his own tasks and uses his abilities for the community. As an elemental people of the earth, our clothing is dark brown with a headdress made of “branches” and a collar made of “cork triangles”. In addition, two birthmarks on the face are a clear mark of recognition.

You can find information by contacting



Children of the great Sea Serpent – Sephora’Assil

The Sephor’Assil are the people of the water element. We are easily recognizable by our blue clothing and the extraordinary headdress.

The Sephor’Assil were created as a weapon to fight against the outcast. They know how to use their cruel and beautiful aria in war.

Information about the Sephor’Assil can found by contacting!



The Jewel of the Butterfly – Tragant

Tragant is a people consisting of Elves and Naldarians and combines the attributes diplomacy, magic and warfare. Their lost homeland has demanded many privations from them, but has not broken their great community and pride.

The appearance and appearance of the Elves of Tragant are based on typical high elves from different fantasy worlds. The Naldarians are light and level-headed, they dress in oriental style and wear black and gold robes with turbans.

Interested parties please contact us:!