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JDS - The Experience

Beyond the Seals (JdS) is a combination of city game, politics and Mythodean campaign plot. In contrast to the other events, JdS focuses on celebrations, family and city play. You can discuss important political events in peace, but you can also forget the war against the forces of evil for a few days. The threat is very far away, plots and stories revolve more around more mundane things like petty thefts, mayoral elections, sporting events like the ever-popular Pompfball tournament and the like. Even the younger members of the family are offered a lot of fun and there are also festivities at every corner.
A vacation, so to speak, as a calm before the storm that is ConQuest!

Beyond the Seals (JDS) is a 5-day LARP event taking place in the fantastic world of Mythodea, focusing on the lighter aspects of the world. Here it is all about the Settlers groups who have made the Continent of Mitraspera their home.

JDS takes place in the early summer each year around the Scouting grounds of Immenhausen near Kassel, Germany.

At JDS the ancient conflict between the elements and their counterparts seems far away, far enough for the Settlers to attend the Convent of Elements, hold countless political meetings for the future of the continent and of course partake in the infamous Pompfball.

Beyond the Seals (JdS) is a 5-day LARP event to which you bring in your own tent and self-catering. It was our first spin-off event of the ConQuest of Mythodea, the world’s largest LARP, before the Chronicles of Mythodea.

JDS is a larp that offers relaxed, cozy and relational play, in a gripping setting where you can explore a different side of Mythodea and your characters.

Jenseits der Siegel 24

In recent months our world has grown, Mythodea has grown. Through friends and foes we have learned about nations and states, whispering about the changes in what they call Delevitum – our home, Mitraspera. We have learned that the world has vast resources and opportunities for adventurous souls. However, while our eyes have been opened to the outside world, so have our enemies’ eyes. Now they seek to bring their wars and suffering to every corner of this world.

Once more the realms of Mitraspera are sending rulers, diplomats and soldiers to the city of Holzbrück. To discuss matters of Mitrasperan politics, but of course also their stands on this expanding world.

Registering for Seal / Camp / Camping Area

Soon can register your tickets for a camp of your choice:

1) Log in to your account at

2) Now you can select the tickets individually under “Tickets” (dropdown menu top right), select one of the camps with “Pick Location” and confirm “Select”.

If you don’t have an account yet, create a new account at with the e-mail address you used to buy the tickets.

If you have any questions, just send an email to

If you don’t have a camp, you can always post in the JdS Facebook group and ask for help (

Event Infos

Event Information


JdS is a self-catering tent-event from the 24.05 – 28.05 2024 and takes place around the scout’s area Immenhausen near Kassel. Please take note about the dates – We couldn’t get another slot for JDS at the event ground this year, so we had to go with this – it is the same amount of holidays to take at least! The event will take place from Friday to Tuesday.

Arrival and Start of the Game

The regular arrival will be on Friday 24.05.2024 from 12 a.m. . We recommend that you arrive punctually, as from the start of the game no cars will be allowed onto the site and you will not be able to unload near your campground. The start of the game is after the SL speech at the market place (approx. 18:30 hrs). There will be an early arrival the day before from 3pm – more info to follow. This early arrival requires an extra early arrival ticket.


BdP Pfadfinderzentrum
Kesselhaken 23
34376 Immenhausen

Generel Info

Sanitary Facilities

During the event, sufficient toilet and shower containers will of course be provided on the grounds, which will be cleaned regularly. Additionally we will set up Dixie toilets. As on every festival, there may be waiting times at the sanitary facilities at certain times due to high demand. It is very important to think of toilet paper every time you go to the toilets, as we do not provide it.

Burgschneider can only release drinking water after sampling and approval from the health authorities.

Loss of Ticket

If you have lost your ticket, you can simply log into and print it out again.

Loss of Wristband

If you have lost your wristband, you can report to the HQ tent, where you will get a new one.

Please take your identity card and your broken wristband with you.

Waste Disposal

We will set up (very large) marked garbage containers at the edge of the site, where you can easily get rid of your garbage.

Please put your garbage into the containers and do not put it in front of them.


Do not leave valuables unattended, because opportunity makes thieves.

OT theft on LARP is rare, but it is still best to lock away your valuables, e.g. in the car.

Tickets and Prices

Tickets are available in our ticket shop: SKALD.COM


Ticket Batch Price
No. 1-200 134,-€
No. 201-500 154,-€
No. 501 – 800 169,-€
No. 801+ 184,-€

Junior-Ticket Participant fee:

Participants from 0 to 6 years do not have to be registered and do not have to pay anything.
Participants between the ages of 7 and 13 pay half of the current player ticket price and must book a Junior Player Ticket.
Please note that in case of doubt you can prove the age of the children at the check-in (e.g. take a copy of your children’s ID card with you).
The Junior-Ticket batch will follow the availability of Player batches, meaning you can buy the Junior-Ticket in same batch number as the Player tickets.

NPC-Participating fee

At JDS, we only have Player Friendly NPCs such as Atteron and the Crimson Company, tribes and the like. Here the Dark Alliance won’t be present.

Ticket Batch Price
No. 1+ 74,-€


Charity Tickets 70,-€
We would like to introduce you to our charity tickets. These are especially drastically discounted tickets that are meant for people who cannot afford one of our regular tickets for a variety of reasons. While stocks last, these are available in our shop. 25 people can apply for these tickets right from the start – i.e. be put on a waiting list for them. Once a month, we go through the applications and ask for a short, undefined and informal justification by email. No official proof or anything like that is required. This small hurdle is intended to ensure that these tickets actually end up in the right hands. However, we will not check whether what is written to us is true – we simply trust in the honesty and decency of our participants. So it’s certainly possible to get these tickets by fraud, but hey… that would be pretty… well, you know.
If there are more applications than there are charity tickets, the order will decide. If more than 500 tickets are sold, we will release more charity tickets. For these, the waiting list will start again.
Hopefully this new possibility will make it easier for one or the other to experience a great LARP with us. We are looking forward to seeing you!


Outside the grounds there are designated parking areas where you can leave your cars for the duration of the event. There are no parking fees and you can pick up your car at any time to go shopping.

Driving on the grounds and the parking lot with your own vehicles of any kind is at your own risk. The organizer is not liable for damages caused by participants or third parties. The event parking lot is not supervised. There is no liability for theft.

Parking outside the marked parking areas is prohibited. Vehicles parked illegally will be towed.

The costs of towing (plus 25 € handling fee) will be borne by the vehicle owner.

Loading and unloading of vehicles is only permitted in the loading zones marked by the organizer. The maximum loading time is 10 minutes. If this time is exceeded, the vehicle will also be towed away at the owner’s expense.


Accommodation is in tents that you yourself bring with you and which are suitable for the ambience of the event. If you don’t have a medieval looking tent, you can camouflage a “normal tent” with linen sheets or nets, so that it no longer looks like a modern day plastic tent. Get advice from experienced players in our forum. Unfortunately we cannot offer central sleeping places, but the last years have shown that many players organize themselves into community tents through our forum. If you don’t know where you can sleep, just have a look there.

Please note in your camp planning that we calculate a maximum of 15m² per participant. This is the total area per quarter, this does not give entitlement for each individual.

The allocation of the tent site is based on the registration for a banner, a quarter or a group. Registration will be possible from spring. Those who have not registered for a specific quarter by then will automatically be allocated to a quarter.

Early Arrival

Early Arrival Tickets:

Early Arrival “Jenseits der Siegel”:

Early arrival ticket: 18,- / Conzahler: 20,- / SC and NPC

Early arrival ticket Junior: 9,- / Conzahler: 10,- / SC and NPC

You can find the early arrival tickets here:


Early arrival starts Thursday, 23.05.2024, 15:00 – 21:00.

Catering - Food

JdS is a self-catering con. In addition, many food stalls in the city area offer you a variety of goodies.

Self Catering

All players and NPCs are self-catering. Fires may be lit at designated fireplaces or in fire bowls you brought yourself, (NOT on the ground) at a sufficient distance from the forest or shrubs.


In addition, you have possibility to purchase a variety of medieval and exotic food at one of the numerous stands. Beyond that, however, the retinue offers even more: Numerous dealers for everything the knight or bard’s heart desires – from armour to drinking cups and all kinds of everyday stuff. In between there are large and small taverns where everything is served that strengthens body and soul after a leisurely stroll or into the early hours of the morning.


In the tavern on the grounds you can relax with alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks, hold important meetings or weddings and simply celebrate a little with the right musical accompaniment.


In general there is no age limit at JdS. Minors and their guardians are kindly requested to observe the following rules.

Children and Fights

The parents or guardians of underage participants must always be within reach in battles or combat situations, as well as in urban and catering areas. Children under 14 years of age are generally prohibited from participating in adult fights.

Rules within the Town and Taverns

Children under 14 years are allowed to stay out until 22:00, teenagers under 16 years until 23:00 and teenagers under 18 years until 24:00.

We reserve the right to expel the parent or guardian and his/her child(ren) from the event if this rule is violated.

Entry Requirements for Minors

Participants from 0 to 6 years of age do not need to register and do not have to pay anything.

Participants from 7 to 13 years pay half of the current player ticket price and must book a junior player ticket.

All underage participants need an adult and legitimate supervisor to attend the event.


All dogs must be registered for JdS.

For this we have set up a dog ticket in the ticket sales. This ticket costs 15,- €.

The dog must be checked in with the e-ticket at the check-in.


On JdS there is an absolute muzzle and leash obligation. In case of non-compliance, the dog owner with the dog will be expelled from the event.

Poisonous Animals

Snakes, spiders or other poisonous animals are prohibited at JdS.

Banners & Camps

Banners & Camps

Special features at JdS

The Town of Holzbrück

Holzbrück was founded ten years ago (JdS 2013) by Antonio Maria de la Tiroli when he decided to settle down with his traveling fair. The founding families as well as the attractions and merchants around the Rabenschrey Arena still have great influence on the town (the Coachmen, tavern, O’Gradys, Ludus Cruentus, Haus Amaranth and Fono).

The new structures and recurring convent have enabled a flourishing town to develop along the great east-west route in the heart of Mitraspera. Tyrolis most skillful move was that he did not take on the “big” offices in Steinbrück himself, as he used to do in the past, but with his association to business and proximity to the citizens, he has a share in almost all of Holzbrück’s businesses.

As president of the association, he is now also investing in his newly discovered passion:

The Holzbrück Pompfball team.

Brother Quinn of the Red Code and the upstart Thomas Breitenstein are now dead, and the mayor’s post of Holzbrück is currently vacant. The city administration is currently maintained by a protector.

Meanwhile Antonio de la Tiroli continues to work diligently on his memoirs and profits from his arena. But he will have to look for new sources of income, due to the war in Kal’Hatra there is hardly any profit to be made from the trade agreement.

Whoever intends to fill the mayor’s post will not get far without his goodwill.

Even though it seems that he has almost completely retired from politics and hardly makes use of his position in the Citizens’ Council, he sits in the “skull and club” of the Citizens’ Council every evening.

And so we are all curious to see how the history of Holzbrück develops.

The Convent

Every year the Convention of the Elements is held for elements’ people and settlers, rulers and scholars from all areas of the continent.

Away from the innumerable warzones on which Mythodean’s fighs throughout the year, people gather here to discuss the past, present and future of the country on a large and small scale.


The playingfields were on fire and all over Holzbrück the enthusiastic shouts of the many spectators could be heard as “Viribus United” gloriously won the cup in the final in the second year of the tournament.

Now get ready for 2023, when it’s time for: “Pompfball Round Three”!

Seven years ago, settlers brought the sport “Pompfball” (an IT variation of field hockey) to Mythodea. Since then, the Almitrasperian Pompfball Championship has been held every two years on the southern continent.

In 2018 the hilarious sport conquered the other side of the seals, since then there is a great tournament every year for the “champion’s cup”.

The previous winners:

2022: Viribus United

2020: Viribus United

2019: Viribus United…

2018: Gold-green Terra 04

The basic rules:
-The game is played 2x 8 minutes on a 15mx25m field
-Each team consists of a goalkeeper and 4 field players
-The ball must go into the goal
-After the end of the match there may be some extra time with golden goal
-After the end of overdraft, you take penalty shots
-Any foul that the referee sees will be penalized

-To play the game you need…
Five players (absolute minimum, eight would be better!)
Each team will provide a referee (if not playing)

Other rules:
Your own pomps are allowed and desired, but they must comply with the rules.
Soccer shoes, jumper boots, etc. are prohibited
That it is a LARP sport is asked for “sportive hardness” in every form. But this is ONLY ACTED AND NOT REAL. Please be considerate of your opponents during the game, control and stick to OT-agreements.

Are you interested? Then train hard, the registration for the tournament starts in Autumn!

The Fair

Come hither, all you good people gather to see the most spectacular and grandiose fair this country has ever seen!

Come from north and south, west and east and experience Tyroli’s incomparable fair which includes the Convent and famous Pompfball tournament.

Browse the displays of the traveling traders and enjoy their exotic delicacies. Marvel at old and brand-new attractions and be enchanted by the biggest and newest one:

The Arena with its gladiators offers a fairground and for the visitors a centre of exciting entertainment of the highest class.

And that, dear people, is by no means all!

If the Convent makes the idyllic Holzbrück the most politically important place on the continent and the fair makes it its cultural centre, then the large and small guilds of Mythodea will not hesitate to send their representatives and branches to offer their arts and services.

Whether tired from the hard fights on the pompfball field or the debates at the tables of the Convent, Tiroli’s formadibles Faszinaticum will offer each of you peace, relaxation and distraction!

Where could you find better merriment, more hearty, more greed than at Antonio de la Tiroli’s fair?

Come and find out for yourself!

Also this year the fair shall be the focus of our event. Merchants, guilds and other attractions will make sure that you won’t get bored aside from plot and combat.

The fair is not only meant to entertain you with culinary delights, but also the arena and the guild section of the city should provide exciting game incentives.

NPCs at JdS


But life as a successful gladiator was not just about winning – you had to do it with style, to wow the audience with your performance. See, there surely were better warriors than Sorius, who had already defeated many enemies in war.

Corona Pandemic Informations

Stay Informed, get your information here!

Banners & Camps

Banners & Camps