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Chronicles of Mythodea

The Chronicles of Mythodea is a four-day live actuon role playing event that you spend in your own tent and provide your own food and drink.

It is our second spin-off event of the ConQuest of Mythodea, the world’s largest LARP, after “Jenseits der Siegel”.

Like the ConQuest, Chronicles takes place in the fictional world of Mythodea, where an eon long ancient conflict rages between the five elements of creation (fire, earth, water, air and magic) and their corrupted counterparts.

While the great summer campaign (ConQuest) advances Mythodea’s larger story and decides the fate of the whole world in epic battles, Chronicles offers more space for background stories, individual fates and individual adventures.

Here unfinished ConQuest stories are further developed and often brought to conclusion. Although there are also numerous battles, the focus is increasingly on puzzles, hazards and the history of Mythodea, which can be experienced up close and in person!

Campaign Setting

Here you can find the current information about the main plot of the Mythodea campaign.

The settlers have uncovered a powerful weapon against the undead at Sturmwacht Castle, on the island of Ghost Rocks. This is a creature of Terra called the Seedling (Keimling). Could this be the key to finally defeating the undead?

According to reports of the Southern Seal, the undead outpost of Harrowmoore is defended by the Last Banner of Undead Flesh. After a victory here, the road would be cleared to Ankor Mortis, capital of the undead.

The peoples of Mythodea march united towards the southern continent, against Ankor Mortis, the capital of the undead!

It is finally time to destroy the arch enemy.

Registration for Banners / Seals / Camps / Camping Area

Registration for a camp site, banners, a special quarter and for a group is possible from spring onwards via the “Online Quarter Manager”. If you are unsure where to register, you can post in the Chronicles Group and ask for help (

General Info on the Setting of this Years Chronicles

The Chronicles of Mythodea is an adventure and battle-packed event in the world of Mythodea. Many puzzles, stories and battles, but also celebrations and festivals await you! Some plotlines from the other events will be continued and others will be started from scratch. Most of the time group play and shared experiences will be in the foreground. Chronicles is the ideal meeting point for in-depth character play on a smaller scale than at the ConQuest, closer to the “front”, so to speak.

In-game NPC camp, a lot of background surrounding the factions, action-packed battles and deep character development – Chronicles offers all this and much more!

Setting 2022

The undead village of Harrowmoore stands between the settlers’ army and the borders of Ankor Mortis, the capital of the Undead Kingdom. It is too small a stronghold on the map to seriously stand in the way of the armies of the elements.

But appearances are deceptive. Every step into these swampy lands is harder for the warriors of the elements, hundreds of warriors of days gone by hang from the branches of these twisted woods, and the village seems anything but unprepared.

Will this settlement possibly demand more elemental troops than previously thought?

Or will this resistance also turn to dust under the boots of the brave men and women of our heros?

Join the army!

The Undead must be destroyed!

Event Infos

Event Informationen


Chronicles is a self-catering tent con 05.05. – 08.05.2022.

and takes place around the the federal center of the German Scouting Association Sankt Georg (DPSG) in Westernohe.

Arrival and Start of Game

The regular arrival will take place 05.05.2022. We advise you to arrive in time, because from the beginning of the game on no cars will be allowed on the area and you will not be able to unload near your campground. The start of the game is after the SL speech (approx. 19:30 hrs). Early arrival is possible from Wednesday 04.05.2022 (see below).


Bundeszentrum der Deutschen Pfadfinderschaft Sankt Georg
Bundeszentrum Westernohe
Zum Weitstein 50
56479 Westernohe

General Information

Sanitary Facilities

During the event, sufficient toilet and shower containers will of course be provided on the grounds, which will be cleaned regularly. Additionally we will set up Dixie toilets. As on every festival, there may be waiting times at the sanitary facilities at certain times due to high demand. It is very important to think of toilet paper every time you go to the toilets, as we do not provide it.

Live Adventure can only release drinking water after sampling and approval from the health authorities.

Loss of Ticket

If you have lost your ticket, you can simply log into and print it out again.

Loss of Wristband

If you have lost your wristband, you can report to the HQ tent, where you will get a new one.

Please take your identity card and your broken wristband with you.


The Johanniter paramedics team will be directly on site 24 hours a day.

Don’t be afraid to visit them even for minor health problems like wasp stings, because that’s what they are there for. In case of an emergency, please inform an SL, who will immediately make sure that Johanniter – possibly with an ambulance – can reach you. For this reason, there are rescue routes that must be kept clear as to ensure that the ambulance can get through. Please be aware that every trip back from the hospital or in case of minor injuries from the event area to the hospital has to be organized by yourself. We can only recommend a taxi company that is available at a reasonable price for such a trip.

Waste Disposal

We will set up (very large) marked garbage containers at the edge of the site, where you can easily get rid of your garbage.

Please put your garbage into the containers and do not put it in front of them.


Do not leave valuables unattended, because opportunity makes thieves.

OT theft on LARP is rare, but it is still best to lock away your valuables, e.g. in the car.


Outside the grounds there are designated parking areas where you can leave your cars for the duration of the event. There are no parking fees and you can pick up your car at any time to go shopping.

Driving on the grounds and the parking lot with your own vehicles of any kind is at your own risk. The organizer is not liable for damages caused by participants or third parties. The event parking lot is not supervised. There is no liability for theft.

Parking outside the marked parking areas is prohibited. Vehicles parked illegally will be towed.

The costs of towing (plus 25 € handling fee) will be borne by the vehicle owner.

Loading and unloading of vehicles is only permitted in the loading zones marked by the organizer. The maximum loading time is 10 minutes. If this time is exceeded, the vehicle will also be towed away at the owner’s expense.


Accommodation is in tents that you yourself bring with you and which are suitable for the ambience of the event. If you don’t have a medieval looking tent, you can camouflage a “normal tent” with linen sheets or nets, so that it no longer looks like a modern day plastic tent

. Get advice from experienced players in our forum. Unfortunately we cannot offer central sleeping places, but the last years have shown that many players organize themselves into community tents through our forum. If you don’t know where you can sleep, just have a look there.

Please note in your camp planning that we calculate a maximum of 15m² per participant. This is the total area per quarter, this does not give entitlement for each individual.

The allocation of the tent site is based on the registration for a banner, a quarter or a group. Registration will be possible from spring. Those who have not registered for a specific quarter by then will automatically be allocated to a quarter.

Garrison Inn - Tenthotel

What is the Garrison Inn?

Included in the Garrison Inn deal is a ConQuest player ticket and a fully furnished and set up medieval tent. This eliminates a lot of transport problems and you can start playing right away.

Why do we offer the Tenthotel Deal?

For many international LARPers, but also for German LARPers, the journey to the ConQuest, the setting up of the tent and the equipment is connected with a lot of hasstle.

This is where the tent hotel comes into play:

The tent hotel should make the logistics easier for arriving at ConQuest. We will set up a tent for you, set it up for you and take everything down for you!

All you have to do is LARP.

What is included in the Tenthotel Deal?

With the booking of the tent hotel you will receive a ConQuest player ticket and will be accommodated in a tent (for one person, 180cmx250cm) which is ready to be set up.

If you book the double deal, you will receive two ConQuest player tickets and a tent for two persons (250cmx300cm).

The tent hotel will be adjacent to the Tross and will be screened off by the authentic in-time tavern “Garrison Inn”.

The package includes:

  • Sleeping space within an ambient tent
  • Light source
  • Storage box
  • Flooring
  • Electricity access within the Garrison Inn

For those who cannot or do not like to bring their own sleeping equipment, we also provide them free of charge:

  • Fieldbed
  • Pillow
  • Sleeping bag

You can eat at the numerous food stalls in the Tross. After the ConQuest there is the possibility to purchase the tent at a reduced price. Special plot is not included in the price 😉

The Tavern: Garrison Inn

The tent hotel is located in a secluded out-time area, which can be reached through the cosy tavern “Garrison Inn”. Here you can relax and unwind with a cold or warm beverage. The tavern is authentically lit, offers you seats and fire pits where you can tell each other grand stories. Another advantage of the “Garrison Inn” tavern is that you don’t have to walk a long way to your fully furnished tent, because it’s only a few steps away.

Chronicles Prices

Coming Soon!

Early Arrival

Early arrival is possible from Wednesday, 04.05.2022, 12:00 to 21:00.

We have to charge the following early fee per person: 15,- €

Early arrival is free for NPCs!

Participants from 0 to 6 years do not have to pay anything.

Participants from 7 to 13 years pay 5,- €

Early arrivals do not need to register and pay on site directly at check-in.


Chronicles is a self-catering con. In addition, many food stalls in the city area offer you a variety of goodies.

Self Catering

All players and NPCs are self-catering. Fires may be lit at designated fireplaces or in fire bowls you brought yourself, (NOT on the ground) at a sufficient distance from the forest or bushes.


In the tavern you can buy alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks and snacks, hold important meetings, or celebrate and listen to the music of the bards.


In general there is no age limit at Chronicles. Minors and their guardians are kindly requested to observe the following rules.

Children and Fights

The parents or guardians of underage participants must always be within reach in battles or combat situations, as well as in urban and catering areas. Children under 14 years of age are generally prohibited from participating in adult fights.

Rules within the Town and Taverns

Children under 14 years are allowed to stay out until 22:00, teenagers under 16 years until 23:00 and teenagers under 18 years until 24:00.

We reserve the right to expel the parent or guardian and his/her child(ren) from the event if this rule is violated.

Entry Requirements for Minors

Participants from 0 to 6 years of age do not need to register and do not have to pay anything.

Participants from 7 to 13 years pay half of the current player ticket price and must book a junior player ticket.

All underage participants need an adult and legitimate supervisor to attend the event:

Supervision obligation form


Unfortunately, there is now a general ban on dogs on the Chroniken grounds in Westernohe.

Poisonous Animals

Snakes, spiders or other poisonous animals are prohibited at Chronicles.

Banners & Camps

Banners & Camps

NSC Factions at Chronicles

To bring the world and stories to life we have our wonderful NPCs and playmakers who tirelessly try their best create an immersive world for our participants! They are the heart and soul of the event and it is great to see them in action! Undead of the last Banner, Black Ice, various other factions and now also the Skargen!

Be there, bear witness and be part of the adventure!

Black Ice

We already have wild plans – but unfortunately we can’t spoil  them here, as this page is also accessible to players. We need a LOT of NPC for the implementation (at least 50)!

You need a teaser? How about this: Viria is not as far away from the Western Seal as you might think!

Undead Flesh

The Last Banner and the Lairdoms of Undead Flesh will both appear at Chronicles. However, the Lairdom troops are reserved for fewer battles than the Last Banner.

The Last Banner is a hardened Undead Militia unit defending their homeland. The Lairdoms are principalities, and together form the Undead Army. If you want to play a Lairdom Undead at Chronicles, then also bring your Last Banner Undead with you, or at least a gray shroud to cover your Lairdom Undead Costume for Last Banner battles.

To play as the Last Banner, you should join the Facebook group (Last Banner) early and download the corresponding style guide. There you will find all information about how a hero of the Last Banner should look like.

The Skargen

The arrival of a new enemy has heralded the next act in Mythodean history. In addition to the Pestilence, the Army of Doubt, the Black Ice, and the Undead Flesh, ConQuest 2019 will be give birth to the new faction of the “Skargen”, an invading army that will reach Mythodea via the West Sea. Of course this cant be missing at Chronicles!

In order to play as a Skargen, you should register early in the NPC portal, facebook group and download the corresponding style guide. There you will find all information about how you should look so as part of the new threat.

Playmaker Concept

All other fractions are represented purely by cast characters & revolving actors who play multiple characters.

In the last years a lot of cast characters have appeared at Chronicles. On the one hand in groups, such as the Elementals, Freischarl, evil-doers with prices on their heads, Atteron, and various Knights.

Every year we are looking for new actors for special roles and a number of revolving actors and fixed NPCs for the factions to be portrayed.

If you would like to participate as a jumper or plot NPC, please contact the plot direction via

Corona Pandemic Informations

Stay informed!

Banners & Camps

Banners & Camps