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The World

Here you can learn a lot about the game world of Mythodea. You may use this knowledge freely in the game. This knowledge is not necessary to play and have fun at a Live Adventure event, but can enrich the game and provide deeper immersion.

Geographical Settings

The world of Mythodea is diverse and gigantic!
Some places you may already know, but there are others to explore in the future!

Mitraspera - the fabled contintent under the fog, the wounded land

Home of the settlers, the heroines and actors of the game world. Many players are among the settlers of Mitraspera. Mitraspera has been deeply wounded and the land is suffering, which is why natural disasters are frequently occuring.

The Southern Continent - the land behind the Ice

South of Mitraspera lies another continent. So far only a small strip of land is known, separated by eternal ice. In the west, the Undead Flesh from the sinking city of Terra Ankor rules. In the east, the Southern Seal fights their primordial enemy.

What may lie in the ice, or even behind it?

Atteron - the wartorn Isles of Eron

The kingdom of Atteron lies far from Mitraspera, and the path to it is not yet well documented. This simple, strongly superstitious people have been in conflict with the Skargen of Rhinland for many years. Prince Aenwynn, an old companion of Frances the Explorer, set out for Mitraspera to warn the heroes there about the Skargen and also to ask them for help in the war in his homeland.

Rhinland - the barren land, the gorging continent

Situated far beyond the shores of Atteron and engulfed by a constant fog, lies Rhinland, the home of the cruel Skargen. Only they know the way there and know how to successfully navigate the mists. Some voices even claim that they can derive some mystical benefit from the fog, which is said to be beyond the understanding of scholars.

What kind of unforgiving country must this be to have produced such a harsh and cruel people? Strength means everything here. Those who do not know how to hold their own here and are too weak to defy nature die in infancy!

Some whisper, however, that even these dark northern people are afraid of something. Legends of dark gods, rumors of monstrous creatures make the rounds, while still others rumor that the Skargen are even afraid of their homeland itself…..

What might this desolate and dangerous continent be all about?

Die Crimson Isles - far far to the East

Coming soon


This page gives a good introduction for fellow Mitrasperans and those who want to become such. Further down you can also read the worldview an in game story!


The Elements – 10 Bulletpoints

Elemental lore can be as complex and colorful as the player wants it to be. Here you will learn a few key points that are sufficient to enter you into the world of the elements.



The Herald is the Mitrasperan newspaper, written by the organizer and the community together. Here you can read small stories and teasers between the events. This can sometimes be funny and exciting, and at other times sad yet informative. All in all a bit of Mythodea to read on the couch at home!

Karte - Coming soon