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What is LARP?

Live Action Role Play, or LARP, is an interactive role-playing game characterized by improvisation, acting and ingenuity. The game unfolds when you, the player, make decisions and your efforts either succeed or fail. Immerse yourself in a setting and experience a story as one of its characters. Here you can find more information about what LARP is and how it works.
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NPCs / Play-Makers

NPCs (non-player characters) can experience just as intense and exciting game play as (free) players. Though they  have a fixed set of rules for the appearance, behavior and history of their roles. You help the organizer to bring the intended plot to life, set the framework for the players and provide the desired atmosphere at the event. That is why we are gradually starting to call them “play-makers”. Because through their own play they make the game possible for others. For more information about the NPCs of Mythodea click here.

Rules and Guidelines

Like every game, LARP has rules by which it is played. These rules ensure that the game is fair for everyone. Some rules have to be followed to ensure safety, while others may enrich your roleplay experience. Here you can find the guiding set of rules for Mythodea events as well as the guidelines we use to design our games.

LARP Dictionary

IT has to do with computers and LPs are for music, right? Not in the world of LARP. To make sure that you understand LARP-specific words and phrases and thus can follow every conversation at a con, we provide you with a LARP dictionary, where you can find explanations of the most frequently used terms in- and out-of-game. You can find the LARP dictionary here.

Main Events

The ConQuest of Mythodea is the world’s largest LARP event with up to 10,000 participants. The colorful and lively ConQuest offers exciting role-playing, epic battles, a town that never sleeps, talented artists, numerous traders and much more. Here there is something for everyone. No matter if you are new to the game or a LARP veteran. Experience a fabulous summer adventure!

Brokeloh, Germany
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The Chronicles of Mythodea is known for one thing above all: its battles. Fight for your people, defend what you hold dear, and experience unforgettable moments on the battlefield. Heated battles paired with exciting role-playing, adventure and puzzles. How will you shape your adventure?

04.05. – 07.05.2023
Westernohe, Germany
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Beyond Seals takes place away from the battles and offers space for diplomacy, entertainment and ambience. Let yourself be enchanted by the charm of the town of Holzbrück, take part in the Pompfball tournament and visit the vivid market place. Whether with your family or with friends, here you may relax and enjoy.

Immenhausen, Germany
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Sturmwacht combines adventure with ambience. Experience feasts and dances in a real castle, go on quests within the stronghold, uncover secrets and fight against the enemy waiting behind the castle walls. Good food, great scenery, fancy accommodation and exciting plotlines – here, every adventurer will find what he or she desires!

Altenhausen, Germany
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