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Here you will find a list of our fantastic team, contact options and a small overview of who is in charge of what.

The Director

The direction deals with the organization of events and any game content around the Mythodea universe.

You can reach the director at

Ruth Bitai-Balyko - Head of the Event department

Ruth is an experienced event planner, LARP designer, and creator of immersive experiences with over 20 years of experience in the industry. Despite her experience in LARPs around the world, she likes to keep it down to earth and is passionate about creating stories that are accessible to beginners and professionals alike. That’s why she has turned her hobby into her profession. From designing game mechanics to planning event terrain, Ruth has a trained eye for detail and unwavering commitment to creating memorable, emotional experiences. With her team of full-time members and volunteers, she continues to push the boundaries of what is possible in the world of LARP and immersive theater. Whether a hardcore fan or new to the scene, you won’t want to miss the next event!
You can reach me at

Julian Navratil - Event coordinator and campaign game/NSC coordination.

Julian started at Live Adventure in 2019 and joined the Burgschneider directing team in 2020 in his current permanent role. Here he maintains the incredible balancing act between finance and creative event design.

He is a trained event manager and skilled juggler of event numbers, but as a devourer of books and video games, he naturally also has a love for the big and small stories and plots and the creation of new, exciting worlds, which is why he diligently contributes to the rulebooks.

You can meet him mainly at events as an orga and SL, always armed with a smoke machine and a smoke grenade, or between events, where he is in charge of the NPCs together with Jeppe and the campaign game factions with Fionna.

He gained his first roleplaying experiences on theater and musical stages. He started with LARP in 2007 as a teenager and made his first steps, like many larpers before and after him, in the youth LARP area. In the meantime he is not only an enthusiastic roleplayer, but also a passionate NPC villain. In the little bit of free time he has left at the end, he is a gifted Pen&Paper master, American Football player and foil fencer. And sometimes he even sleeps!

You can reach him at
He also reads along at

Fionna Frank - Plot and Campaign Game Writer

Our plot writers and event designers get help from a real pro! Not only has she studied creative writing, but she also lands on various bestseller lists from time to time!

Fionna studied Creative Writing and Cultural Journalism, so she knows a thing or two about creating new worlds and exciting stories. She has written for theater and video games and most recently was a ghostwriter for German YouTubers.

But freelancing was too lonely for her in the long run, so with her work at Burgschneider she combines her hobby larp, which she has been doing for ten years, with her professional passion for telling good stories. She has enough other hobbies anyway, for example writing pen & paper campaigns for her friends or playing video games with her wife and family (they are all weird nerds, too).

As part of the directing team, she’ll be mixing up the plot more than anything else, and if you get a particularly funny email from us, she probably wrote it. Soon she will also be the contact person for all campaign game factions together with Julian. Of course, she’ll also be running around at events, and you’re welcome to ask her there!

You can reach Fionna at

Team, community and management
Tobias ``Tobei`` Mittermeier - Community and Team Management

Tobei has been working for Live Adventure since 2006 and is mainly responsible for organizational matters. Due to his long collaboration he was able to gain a lot of insight and experience, especially when it comes to organizing large events.
When he is not at the event, he takes care of the participants, the ticket management and the planning of the terrain and camp. He is also working hard on the digitalization of processes on!
In the wild, you’re most likely to meet him at Chronicles of Mythodea, Beyond the Seals, or of course ConQuest of Mythodea. There, with his typical “Des krieg ma scho”, he ensures stress-free processes and always the best mood and morale.
In real life, he lives with his family near Regensburg. Those who are friends with him on social media can look forward to a magnificent view of Bavarian countryside almost every morning, because here he regularly posts the view from his office window – including cat!
Whoever meets him at Con may ask him one or the other question about “Star Trek” and pirates^^.
If you have questions about the tickets before, please write them to
All other questions please go to

Kathrin ``Kattl`` Kellner - Orga and trader support

Kattl has been part of the Live Adventure team since 2016 and ensures that the colorful and beautiful Tross is created on an empty meadow in collaboration with merchants, guilds and Tross players. She takes care of every step of the process, starting with registrations and drawing up contracts, to the planning of the terrain and the final site allocation on the meadow. Since 2018, she has been watched over and actively supported by the world’s best office dog “Knöd”.
But looking after the traders* at ConQuest, Jenseits der Siegel and Fantastica Festival Brokeloh are not enough for her, she also manages the areas of gastro, beverage logistics and supermarket. Here she organizes and takes care of our own and other people’s taverns, so that the players always have a comfortable place to get together and celebrate.
She herself is not a larper in the classical sense, her adventure is organized work for events, both in the office and full throttle at the events themselves. There is one thing that never loses its magic: to experience how numbers on paper and boxes in a computer program finally turn into a city full of life and great people in just a few days.
You can reach Kattl here:

Eva Brinckmann - Event coordination and logistics

Eva has been with Live Adventure since 2017 and organizes large-scale events – from the first conversation with the terrain owners to picking up the last trash containers after the con.

For such a big con, a lot of stuff has to be ordered, but Eva never loses track. Whether it’s office supplies for the HQ, props, sanitary facilities, electricity, tents, medics or sand for the fireplaces – Eva takes care that our participants have everything they need to experience a fantastic con!

To make sure everything runs smoothly from a legal and contractual point of view, Eva also takes care of the communication (and sometimes a bit of diplomacy) with authorities, site owners, media and local vendors.

At the events themselves, you’re most likely to find her at HQ, from where she coordinates everything that goes down on the grounds – and puts the magic words “There’s food!” on the radio three times a day!

Eva has been larping since 2000, so she knows what larpers need and puts her heart and soul into her work. The only thing she can’t stand is writing short bios – so it’s a good thing she’s done that now.