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Dear artists!

We are already looking forward to ConQuest 2024 with you! This time hopefully with enough sunshine and as little rain as possible 😉

As always, you can apply either as an individual artist or as a whole group.


Here you can find the links to the new application forms:

Form for individual artists: (only German version)

Form for artist groups: (only German version)


The application deadline is 31.05.2024.


And here are the artist categories, with the current regulations for artists of all kinds.

There are three artist categories from which you can choose the one that suits you best:

  1. house artists
  2. NPC artists
  3. SC artists (no application is necessary here, see below)


to 1:

The house artists enter into a fixed, remunerated (in money or other agreed services) contract with us, in which a number X of daily performances is recorded. The number and duration of the performances are then fixed and must be adhered to.

Example: three performances per day – two times one hour plus one and a half hours in a tavern specified by Burgschneider or at the Fantastica Festival. In return, there are, for example, free tickets, team catering, food vouchers and/or a small fee of X amount.

The exact times and benefits are negotiable with us, this serves only as an example.


to 2:

NPC artists represent artists in the LARP (musicians, jugglers, fire players, dancers, etc.). They do not necessarily have to be artists outside of the LARP, but may of course be.

The NPC artists animate the artists’ guild and must also camp in the artists’ quarter in the Tross. NPC artists have free play and are also allowed to perform art in the taverns and squares, but have no predetermined dates/appearance times. For plot-technical things, such as the Capo’s wedding, juggling for the seedling, etc., it is desired that these NPC artists actively participate in such games. What exactly this looks like is agreed in the game and in the guild and is rarely requested by the Regie.


to 3:

SC ticket for artists. You purchase a normal SC ticket for the current season, play an artist and are free from any expectations and constraints. You are free to do whatever you want. You may camp wherever you like, but you are also welcome to camp in the artists’ quarter if you support the guild game there. (Please note: NPC artists have priority here. As we only have a limited amount of space available for the artists’ quarter, you may not (or no longer) be able to stay in the artists’ quarter with this ticket). You do not need to apply separately for this category.

For all latecomers who only apply after the application deadline: Unfortunately, we can no longer guarantee a free place so late, but you are of course still welcome to contact us so that we can quickly find out whether there is still something available. Just try to register in good time! The best way to do this is to send an e-mail to

Basically, it is very important to us to be nice and polite to each other, both face to face, in writing and on social media – so that everyone can have a good time together.

We hope that the rules are simple and understandable and that we can have a nice party together at ConQuest!

Note: If your application is not accepted, you can purchase a player ticket for the second season. If you withdraw your application and would rather come as a player, you can buy a ticket from the currently valid price scale.


Bonus info on the other Burgschneider events (Sturmwacht, Chronicles of Mythodea, Beyond the Seals and Saga of the Five Gods)

If you would like to come to other Burgschneider events as an NPC artist, please send an E-Mail to We will then take care of it directly.

Please write all necessary information (who are you and how many, what would you like to do, etc.) in the mail and leave us your telephone number so that we can contact you.


We look forward to many great adventures and great performances from and with you!

Your event team