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Chapter #2: Fuvrun’s Fury

Power-hungry and angry, Fuvrun, Skargen goddess of winter, calls her followers to Hólmgang, the playground of the gods. Here, they should celebrate the Winter Equinox where the nights finally become longer than the days – and the cold takes over the last warmth of summer. But could the goddess have other plans as well, maybe revolving around a mysterious prophecy that appeared on this very island? It might be time to return to the ever-moving Hólmgang to prevent your enemies from becoming ever stronger!

03.10. – 06.10.2024 – Stevningshus Scoutcenter, near Aabenraa, Denmark

The Event

Saga of the Five Gods will be about exploring one of the new continents of Mythodea and homeland of the Skargen: Rhînland. Here you can learn everything about the feared people from the North, their history, culture and religion, and explore the many mysteries and unseen creatures this continent has in store for you! 

This event is not for the faint of heart! We will rely heavily on Play to Struggle, showing you a darker, grittier side of the Mythodea world. Rhînland is a cruel and hungry place, marked by scarcity. The shadows here are deeper and the monsters have more teeth!

With this new chapter of Mythodea Stories we also explore new event grounds: our new location offers dark woods, swampy hills, and an open lake. If you loved Assassin’s Creed: Valhalla or the 13th Warrior, you’ll feel right at home here!

While this event takes place in Denmark, 15 minutes past the German border, it is aimed at all international LARP players out there. The spoken and written language will be English; that includes every Outgame announcement and all briefings as well as all Ingame documents and NPC role play to allow more people than ever before to be part of this exciting new story!

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The Setting

Hólmgang, the wandering island, the playground of the gods. Many myths and stories surround this piece of Rhînland, the home of the Skargen. For them, being called here is a great honor – and so is dying here in the name of their gods which infuses them with fury and dedication. But even to the Skargen, this island still holds many secrets.


For now it lays silent in the vastness of the ocean. In its center sits the forgotten village, fog-shrouded and life-less until the night brings forth its ghosts who endlessly worship in the names of their gods – and in the name of an seemingly ancient prophecy promising great power to whoever fulfills it.  

On the lake, the Oracle’s raft gently sways in the breeze, their three-headed laugh gets swept away by the wind. For them, the future has never been clearer and they dip their fingers into bowls of blood and ash and bones and raise their blind eyes to the sky where the stars seem to align themselves, finally.

And in the shadows of the forest stands the Watcher, protected by her own powerful magic from Skyvari’s creatures, and she smiles. She awaits the return of the heroes, but she doesn’t get impatient. She has been waiting for a long time, she can wait a little longer.

Event Information & Details

Event Information

Dates and Location

Saga of the Five Gods is a tent con 03.10. – 06.10.2024.
The event takes place at Stevningshus Scout Center in the Southern part of Jutland near the city of Aabenraa, half an hour north of the German border.

Arrival and start of the game

The regular arrival will take place on 03.10.2024 from 10:00. We advise you to arrive in time because from the beginning of the game, no cars will be allowed in the area and you will not be able to unload near your campground. The start of the game is after the SL speech (approx. 19:30 hrs).

Early Arrival open on Wednesday 02.10.2024, from 12 to 21.


Stevninghus Scout Center
Holmvej 9, 6200 Aabenraa

Using google maps, you can search for scout center Stevninghus or Stevninghus Spejdercenter

General information

Spoken language 

English. The event will be suited for an international audience.


Sanitary facilities

During the event, we will provide sufficient toilets and showers; most of these will be provided by the location itself. If needed, we will set up additional dixi toilets. As with every festival, there may be waiting times at the sanitary facilities at certain times due to high demand. It is very important to think of toilet paper every time you go to the toilets, as we do not provide it.

The sanitary facilities are spread out among the location, with most stations having designated taps for filling bottles and doing dishes. As the location requires all year approval and sampling of the water and pipings, there will be clean water in all taps.

Early Arrival

As an alternative to regular arrival, you can use the early arrival to get to the site one day before the start of the game.
From Wednesday there is no game yet, but since many players like to do something of their camp and settle in, we invite you to arrive early.
Early arrival is possible from Wednesday 02.10., from 12:00 to 21:00.
You can find the early arrival tickets here:


Loss of ticket

If you have lost your ticket before the LARP, you can simply log into and print it out again.
If you have lost it on your way, simply open the ticket on your Skald account.

Loss of wristband

If you have lost your wristband, you can report to the HQ tent, where you will get a new one.
Please bring your identity card and your broken wristband with you.

Waste disposal

We will set up (very large) marked garbage containers at the edge of the site, where you can easily get rid of your garbage. Additionally, the location offers limited sorting stations around the area.
Please put your garbage into the containers and do not put it in front of them.


Do not leave valuables unattended, because opportunity makes thieves.
OT theft during LARP is rare, but it is still best to lock away your valuables, e.g. in the car or have them on your person.

Tickets Prices

Tickets are available in our ticket shop: SKALD.COM

Player Participating Fee

Ticket Batch Price
No. 1 – 100 1400,- kr. (inc. 25% Dänish taxes)

188,18 € (approx. € Conversion depending on daily price) 
No. 101 – 200 1600,- kr. (inc. 25% Dänish taxes)

215,07 € (approx. € Conversion depending on daily price)
No. 201 – 400 1750,- kr. (inc. 25% Dänish taxes)

235,23 € (approx. € Conversion depending on daily price)

Junior Ticket Participant Fee:

None. We do not allow participants under the age of 18


Ticket Batch Price
No. 1 – 50 700,- kr. (inc. 25% Dänish taxes)

94,09 € (approx. € Conversion depending on daily price) 
No. 51 – 100 800,- kr. (inc. 25% Dänish taxes)

107,53 € (approx. € Conversion depending on daily price) 
No. 101 – 150 900,- kr. (inc. 25% Dänish taxes)

120,98 € (approx. € Conversion depending on daily price) 


Outside the grounds there are designated parking areas where you can leave your cars for the duration of the event. There are no parking fees and you can pick up your car at any time to go shopping.

Driving on the grounds and the parking lot with your own vehicles of any kind is at your own risk. The organizer is not liable for damages caused by participants or third parties. The event parking lot is not supervised. There is no liability for theft.

Parking outside the marked parking areas is prohibited. Vehicles parked illegally will be towed.

The costs of towing (plus 25 € handling fee) will be borne by the vehicle owner.

Loading and unloading of vehicles is only permitted in the loading zones marked by the organizer. The maximum loading time is 10 minutes. If this time is exceeded, the vehicle will also be towed away at the owner’s expense.


Tent camps
Accommodation is in tents that you yourself bring with you and which are suitable for the ambience of the event. If you don’t have a medieval-looking tent, you can camouflage a “normal tent” with linen sheets or nets, so that it no longer looks like a modern-day plastic tent. Get advice from experienced players in our forum. Unfortunately, we cannot offer central sleeping places, but the last years have shown that many players organize themselves into community tents through our forum. If you don’t know where you can sleep, just have a look there.

Please note in your camp planning that we calculate a maximum of 15m² per participant. This is the total area per quarter, this does not give entitlement to each individual.

The allocation of the tent site is based on the registration for a banner, a quarter or a group. Registration will be possible from spring. Those who have not registered for a specific quarter by then will automatically be allocated to a quarter.

In addition to the standard option of sleeping in an In-time tent camp, the location offers a number of beds in huts, sleeping rooms and sleeping halls.
There will be an option to rent one of these beds for the duration of the LARP.

Rooms will be allocated by the team to those who bought the rent-a-bed option.

You must bring a blanket/sleeping bag, a pillow and bed linen.

We hope that our rent-a-bed option will allow more of our co-players, who would normally opt-out of LARPs in the colder months due to medical reasons, to join in.



Saga of the Five Gods is a self-catering con.
All players and NPCs are self-catering. Fires may be lit at designated fireplaces or in fire bowls you brought yourself, (NOT on the ground) at a sufficient distance from the forest or shrubs


we do not allow participants under the age of 18


All dogs must be registered for Saga of the Five Gods.

For this we have set up a dog ticket in the ticket sales. This ticket costs 15,- €.

The dog must be checked in with the e-ticket at the check-in.


There is an absolute muzzle and leash obligation. In case of non-compliance, the dog owner with the dog will be expelled from the event.

Poisonous Animals

Snakes, spiders or other poisonous animals are prohibited.

NPC's at 'Saga of the Five Gods'

The Skargen

A new enemy emerged some years ago, to scourge the coast of Mitraspera. A vile people, praying to old gods, basking in the glory of combat and sacrificing blood to a mysterious being in their home, Rhînland. Now the tides have turned, and the fighting will take place on the soil belonging to the Skargen, as they will be the focus of Saga of the Five Gods.

To be able to play as a Skargen, you should register early in the Facebook group and download the corresponding style guide. There you will find all the information on how you should look as part of the new threat.

The Playmaker Concept

At Live Adventure we believe that the best stories are those we create together. To that extent, we use the playmaker concept to carry the stories In-game together with you. In short, the Playmaker Concept is a role that you can take on as a participant, where you help create scenes and certain parts of the story for others. You will be a part of making certain storylines and scenes happen with a little bit of OT knowledge.

There are two ways of being a playmaker.

The first way is through your own Mythodea character, with your current group and in your current camp. Of course, you will take on the role for a larger part of the game than just your own group. 

The other way is to take part in our cast of story-driving NPCs, playing multiple characters. In the last few years, a lot of this cast has appeared at our LARPs in different roles, such as the Elemental tribes, Freischar, evil-doers with bounties on their heads, Atteron, and various Knights. Every year, we are looking for new people who would like to join us in telling the grand stories of Mythodea.

If you would like to participate as a jumper or plot NPC, please contact the plot team via