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Have a good trip home you mud veterans!
Thank you so much for joining us once again on the (rice) fields of Brokeloh for the ConQuest of Mythodea! We had a blast with all the epic battles, glorious victories, intense scenes and so much more!
You braved the mud with us and together we were able to make this ConQuest a special experience as well.
Thank you, for this great community – especially the last days showed what an unbroken cohesion and caring togetherness there is here!
We would like to thank everyone who made this event so special: everyone who took on the role of SL, game maker or NPC, all those who built and lived on the site to provide us with a fantastic ambience, also those who slaved behind the scenes, and of course to all our dear players who joined us in this great adventure called Realms of Mythodea! ❤
Also all volunteers from the surrounding area – the police, the fire department, the Johannitern, the THW, the “Treckerfreunde Leese” and so many more are to be thanked that you have helped us to dry the camps and the Tross again and have made a smooth departure possible for all. Special thanks to the Niemeyer/Berckenhoff family, who make this event possible every year.
In order to give this year’s ConQuest its own name, we would like to vote with you!
Under which name will you remember ConQuest 2023? We will do an extra poll about that today!
To cope with the post-Larp blues and reminisce, you can find your early access to all the great pictures from the event here:

Share your favourite memory of the event!
As always, we also want to know what we can do better and where there is room for improvement. So we would like to ask for your feedback, whether you were a player, NPC or part of the crew!
Here is the feedback form…/1FAIpQLSddREijpUx…/viewform…
Feel free to use the form for constructive criticism, and you can share your memories and history with each other via Facebook in the coming days and weeks!
Once again, thank you, thank you, thank you for being a part of Mythodea! ❤

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