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Trashy science fiction, artefacts and Bogenwald in focus: LARPzeit #82

Trashy science fiction, artefacts and Bogenwald in focus: LARPzeit #82
Now that the larp year 2023 has come to an end, a new larp year is already beginning: 2024 promises to be exciting again. LARPzeit takes a look at the first events of the year. You can learn about encounters with androids as well as monks in the 12th century. There are also a few tips for the organisers behind the scenes. Arne Sendke reflects on the possible use of AI to create artefacts and lawyer Christian Schmidt provides answers to the question of how to deal with serving alcohol and potentially drunk people at a con from a legal perspective.
As usual, the magazine also offers crafting instructions, scrutinises various topics, such as the death of a character and the portrayal of dark characters, and also offers something for the discerning palate with a recipe excerpt from the Alamanni cookbook.
The magazine will be available from the beginning of March 2024 from station bookshops, well-stocked specialist retailers and, of course, at Subscriptions from LARPzeit #83 onwards can be ordered at

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