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Merchants at the ConQuest

There is a smell of freshly prepared delicacies, hustle and bustle in the streets. Where can you find the best armour in the banner of the Tross, where can you find the sharpest sword, the most treacherous dagger? Or maybe it’s sparkling jewellery for the lady, the finest threads in all Mythodea, a relaxing time out with comrades-in-arms in the tub, or simply a tasty hop drink to end a successful battle? Then the merchant town in the Banner of the Tross is just the place for you!

Numerous merchants from the farthest corners of Mythodea come together here to offer their exquisite goods and delicacies for sale. They invite you to browse through their lovingly designed stalls and displays, try on armour, test weapons and also treat your palate to something good. After all, what would a great military expedition be without its armoury, without the blacksmiths who sharpen the weapons, without the traders who provide supplies or the innkeepers who make you forget the war for a few hours?

Become part of the most beautiful merchant city in Mythodea!

Would you also like to offer your wares in the banner of the Tross?
Become part of the most beautiful merchant city in Mythodea!

What do you need?

• An interesting, unusual or delicious range of goods that fits in well with the theme of LARP, the Middle Ages or Fantasy.
• Performing crafts are also welcome!
• The right market stall – it is very important to us that your stall or tent fits into the ambience. Here are a few beautiful examples, ranging from simple to extraordinary to grandiose, to give you an idea!
• Don’t be afraid of LARP! The ConQuest is a LARP event, which has the motto “Larp along”. Just try to play along. Embody the role of a medieval merchant, not an OT vendor. Allow the participants to stay in role with your customers, if they want to. This is easy though and no one is expecting any acting feats, so don’t worry!
• Appropriate garb. Whether medieval basic with shirt and trousers/skirt or elaborate character garb, just as you feel comfortable and your trade allows! Just please, leave the pink rubber Crocs at home!

If you have any questions, please contact:
Or fill out the application form right away!

We are looking forward to meet you!
The Merchant Support Team

Merchant application 2023

The amount of the stand fee depends on the size of the stand, the range of goods on offer and the electricity and/or water connection that may be required.
After receipt of the completed application form, you will be contacted by the merchant support with a stand fee offer. The application is only binding after acceptance. Further steps will then follow by email.

This enables you to apply as a merchant for ConQuest 2023 without obligation. 120 places will be allocated again. The application phase ends on 28 February 2023.

Merchant application form