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Settler con Organizers

This section of the website is intended for all those who already organize larp events in the Live Adventure worlds as well as for those who plan to become such an organization.
Live Adventure would like to support the larp scene here and give advice and support to the concerned orga.


For all orga’s we offer the possibility to contact us with questions. There are different contact addresses:
Questions about licenses:
Questions about worlds, NPCs and event planning in general:

Questions about campaign games and campaign game orgas:

Event planning

Apart from questions we will offer an own platform for Orgas to advertise events in the future, as well as the possibility to use the ticket system via SKALD as an Orga. There will also be the possibility to present events and orgs via SKALD.TV.
As an organizer of our own, we will of course also offer to mediate to suppliers known to us.

First steps

If you have made the first step to found an orga and feel ready to plan events in Live Adventure worlds, here are the first steps:

1. register your planned event under the link for registration of cons.
2. a member of our staff will contact you by mail and clarify questions and the further process with you.
3. the staff member will be at your side until the final approval of the event and will support you until you are able to organize the event without any outside help.
4. if all steps have been done up to this point, the event will be approved by Live Adventure.
5. have fun with your event!


Orga’s who want to host their events in Live Adventure worlds will find the first steps and explanations in the following documents.
IMPORTANT! These documents are for Orgas only! Participants will deprive themselves of their gaming experience if they view the documents!

Registration of Cons: Formular

Useful links

Food for your Con:
– Larpkueche:

Tents for your Con:
– LARP-Zelte: