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Day tickets for the ConQuest Tross

The Fantastica Festival is a public fantastic medieval market adjacent to the ConQuest.
More information about the Fantastica Festival can be found here:

For medieval-clad visitors with an interest in LARP, it is possible to purchase day tickets for ConQuest at the Fantastica Festival.

The following conditions and restrictions apply:

Medieval garb is mandatory for everyone. The minimum requirement is a pair of linen trousers, a tunic or a medieval shirt, or a skirt and blouse or a medieval dress.
At the cash desk there will be a short introduction to the rules and etiquette of a larp.
Day visitors are not allowed to bring photo and video cameras. We ask to leave them at home or at least in the car. Also filming and taking pictures with smartphones and cell phones is not allowed.
We reserve the right to check bags and backpacks belonging to the costumer by our stewards.
Basically, only bags, backpacks and pouches that are appropriate for the medieval ambience are allowed at ConQuest.
Baby carriages and buggies must also be appropriately disguised (e.g. a cover made of cotton fabric or cloths).
Visitors are allowed to stay in the Tross (ingame City), staying in any of the player’s camps is not allowed.
Day tickets are available in limited quantities (200 each) for Thursday, Friday and Saturday directly in the castle garden. Advance booking or reservation is not possible.

The daily admission is staggered according to the length of stay:

Admission from 10 a.m.

Admission before 12 noon:
Adults 30 euros
Children (6-14 years) 20 Euro
Children under 6 years free

Admission before 3 pm:
Adults 20 Euro
Children (6-14 years) 15 Euro
Children up to 6 years free

Admission before 6 pm:
Adults 15 Euro
Children (6-14 years) 10 Euro
Children up to 6 years free

By 8 p.m., all day visitors must have left the playground again.
To ensure this, each adult must leave a deposit of 50 euros, which will be returned to them when they leave the grounds on time.
Minors will only be admitted with their legal guardians.